Best Top CAD-CAM Zirconia metal free 3M-Lava Essential Dental Crown & Bridges Dentist, Dental Clinic in East Delhi, India.

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CAD-CAM Zirconia 3M-Lava Essential Crown & Bridges Treatment Dental Clinic in East Delhi, India.

Dr. Goswami’s – Delhi Dental Center one of the top best 3M-Lava dental crown provider clinic in East Delhi – India, offers best price low cost world class, high quality CAD – CAM designed computer manufactured all porcelain full ceramic metal free zirconium 3M-Lava essential dental crowns and bridges in Delhi, India.

3M-Lava essential are one of the Strongest Zirconia based metal free all ceramic full porcelain dental crowns available today, it combines both strength and durability coupled with great esthetics and has an 16-

Shade choice for your natural tooth shade matching. With more than 10 yrs of Clinical Experience with them.

3M-Lava Dental Crowns are the best crown that your money can buy!!!

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Painless Dental Crown Treatment Delhi.

Dental Crown in just One Hour - One Visit

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Only Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR to provide Crowns in just 24 to 48 hrs.

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3m-lava essential teeth caps have zirconium oxide glass free polycrystalline used as a base material which gives your crown a very high strength and thus marginal fit is greatno dark lines at the margin of your dental crown now. They are suitable for both front anterior and back posterior teeth. The unique coping of 3M Lava dental crowns is made from a precision by using CAD/CAM technology at the milling system and this withstands stresses many times greater than those in the mouth. 3m Lava crown and bridge work has over 10 years of clinical history with proven results.

Now, with 3M Essential zirconia dental crowns by Delhi Dental Center, you can rest assured that you sourced your materials from a trusted industry leader.

Delhi Dental Center, best dental crown clinic in Delhi with full range of 3M-LAVA dental crowns, you can ask for.

3M-Lava premium zirconia teeth cap, crown & bridge material is extremely biocompatible  with no allergenic potential.

This is a real advantage to predisposed (metal – allergic) patients.

3M-Lava premium crowns, without having an underlying metal core are distinguished by their excellent aesthetics. Light is not only reflected, there is also real transparency as seen in natural teeth. This effect makes the all-porcelain crown perfect for use in anterior areas, whereby minor form and alignment corrections are also possible.

Benefits & advantages of Lava Premium dental crowns.

  • High translucency.
  • High strength.
  • Eighteen natural, warm and vivid tooth colours, 7 effect shades and a fluorescent effect shade are available for unlimited individualization.
  • Several years of clinical experience and millions of successful cases worldwide enables a 15 year limited warranty *.
  • The warranty card will contain a genuine 3M authentication label.


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Zirconia dental crown clinic in East Delhi – India, has been looked over by people in more than 109 countries for providing best price low cost affordable all porcelain, full ceramic zirconia cad cam metal free 3m lava premium dental crown treatment in India, as compared to dental crown treatment in America, Canada, Australia, eastern European countries as Budapest in Hungary, check republic etc and Bangkok Thailand.

If you calculate the total price of crown treatment price of a clinic in Thailand and ours you will be saving more than 70 % on your treatment price.

Apart from the cost factor, there is really no difference between the dental crown materials used, making techniques and the equipment’s used what so ever in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The cost of having a dental crown at Delhi Dental Center in India will be at least 50 to 120 % less compared to these countries, without any compromise on the quality.

Cheapest price guaranteed all over in India.

Indication for 3m-lava premium dental crowns.

  • 8 unit bridges with up to 4 pontics in the anterior region.
  • Inlay and on-lay bridges.
  • Primary telescopes.
  • Custom zircon abutment for a wide variety of implant systems.

Why 3M LAVA Premium Dental Crowns at Delhi Dental Center ?

  • Precision CAD/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit and superior fit relative to leading competition.
  • Patented substructure of 3M and available in 16 different shades.
  • Proven high strength.
  • Good marginal finish – no more black lines at the end of your dental crowns.
  • Needs only conventional cementation.
  • Minimal tooth structure removal is needed for dental crown cutting.
  • Natural translucency and unmatched aesthetics.
  • Limited 15 yrs. warranty.
  • The warranty card will contain a genuine LAVA Authentication label.

Different Dental Crowns we offer.

Please feel free to ask us any further questions about Dental Crown treatment


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Dr. Goswami – dental crown dentist in Delhi, founder & owner of dental crown & bridge clinic in East Delhi – India, welcome people to have a detailed consultation for their missing tooth replacement with different type of dental crown material and why to choose zirconia metal free CAD CAM designed computer manufactured all porcelain full ceramic dental crowns over conventional metal porcelain crown work.

Same Dental Crown Dentist in Delhi, Affordable cost, Same location since last 23+ yrs. (est. 2000).

That’s the real beauty of having 3M-Lava Dental Crown Treatment in Delhi from Delhi Dental Center.

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