//What Does ‘Immediate Loading – Immediate Function’ of Dental Implant Mean?

What Does ‘Immediate Loading – Immediate Function’ of Dental Implant Mean?

This is where a temporary or even a permanent Dental Crown is attached to the dental implant soon after it has been inserted into the jawbone. This replacement tooth is usually carefully shaped so it does not come into contact with the tooth on the opposite side of the mouth and is merely for cosmetic purposes.

Immediately loaded implants can also be functional, meaning they will come into contact with the opposing teeth and can be used for eating. These “immediate functionally loaded” dental implants tend to be used when several of them are in a row at the front of the mouth and are joined by a rigid connector such as a denture.

A common example of this is an – all-on-4 Hybrid Denture, as this technique locks all the implants together so they are held rigidly within the jawbone as it heals. This way, any forces applied that might cause a single implant to fail are distributed among several implants.


Either way, the patient benefits from having natural looking teeth while the implants fuse with the bone. While this might sound very appealing, it is worth weighing up the benefits and potential risks of immediate loading compared to traditional methods of implant placement, as this technique is not suitable for everyone.

The concept of immediate loading isn’t new, as it has been used since the 1960s when modern dental implantology was still in its early stages. However, advances in imaging technologies have made it much more successful.


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